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[So you wanna know about me, finally I'll give you a little something. My nickename is Gabby. My real name, hehe.. I can't tell you that BUT I'm 19 almost 20 in the beginning of May. I live in TORONTO.! YESHHHHH I'm Canadian and so what.?
GSP just won again. :D
Anyways. I love writing. I have plenty things wrong with with me and back to my desscription for my blog..]

Here, I give you 10,000 reasons why I am a beautiful disaster and still living...

I had fallen once. I was that junkie you saw out on the street, but now the old me is back. I'm finally back to normal. At least I think I am. I've learned a lot. I've been through a lot and this is my way of sharing what is on my mind...

I really wish I had of figured ou thow to put spaces in between my paragraphs. :)

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